PhotoBulk: batch image processing on Mac and Windows [+10 promo]

Eltima Software is an interesting Studio. In its Arsenal are enough useful applications, whose reputation was earned by years. Most are small and highly specialized solutions (remember the Soviet sundries shop “one Thousand trifles”?). They are intended for casual users (download from YouTube, working with photos), and for developers and system administrators (working with ports or flash). Today on the agenda PhotoBulk ā€“ a program for batch processing of images, and applying watermarks. Versions are available applications for OS X and Windows.

In essence, PhotoBulk is a bulk image editor with which you can process several photos at once. Open the app and toss the images that you want to edit to the program window. Further, depending on needs, select the desired editing options.

PhotoBulk allows you to perform four operations:

  • resize: there are several options for editing the original image, you can compress the image height, width, percentage, or specify your own size;
  • optimization. This function will optimize the image size without changing its resolution. Supported formats are JPG and PNG;
  • rename. Standardizes file names, adding different prefixes;
  • watermark: add text or the date and specify its location. You can also insert the image (e.g. the site logo) and choose transparency.

Once you’re finished with the settings in a convenient preview window, you can see the result at the end of the image-processing program.

If you are satisfied to remain to press the button “Start”, specify a folder to save and wait for the end of the process.

The program to introduce you can download at the developer’s site, but has a significant drawback ā€” to process at a time can be no more than one image. It is absolutely illogical move on the part of developers to keep the program for processing a plurality of images. You can do two.

Download PhotoBilk can the Mac App Store at this link (759 rubles)

The developer has provided us with 10 promo codes for free app downloads. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article. Don’t forget to fill in the E-mail. Good luck!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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