Photofact: bug panorama shooting iPhone turned walking through the desert cat caterpillar

A photographer from the United Arab Emirates under the name Hanamomoact with panorama iPhone turned moving with the camera the cat in the long centipede. Photos of their work he published in his Twitter account.

A professional photographer uses features of the panoramic shot on the iPhone, where some objects are stretched, in artistic technique. Hanamomoact uses a bug in the processing of pictures, which repeats the image, stretching it like Windows in Windows 98.

Taking on the iPhone cat that was moving in the same direction as the camera, the photographer got a stretched image of the animal with many feet. Birdinflight edition of the publication compares it with the “cat bus” from the movie “My neighbor Totoro” Studio Ghibli.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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