[PHOTOS] How one of the secret factories for the production of iPhone

On the clock a little more than nine in the morning, and at the company’s factory, Pegatron in Shanghai thousands of workers, dressed in pink jackets, ready to produce the iPhone.

Both men and women on the entrance go through the facial recognition system and make your personal badges. The whole process takes less than two seconds. After numerous checks on the Apple factory is strictly with the time attendance system ensures that employees had processed more than normal.

Pegatron ā€” one of the main partners of Apple, producing the iPhone. Only the plant employs nearly 50 thousand people, the area of factory is 90 football fields. Before getting there, and how the output should go through the metal detectors ā€” maybe the secret ingredient will be taken outside the factory?

On the territory of the factory there is bus service, there is even a police station and fire station, if the production suddenly there will be some kind of incident. Pegatron also boasts many coffee shops, where the workers spend their breaks.

If the worker processes the 60-hour limit in six days, managers of the factory will be automatically notified about it. Further, the employee may be called an explanatory discussion and even fired. On average, one working (with little processing) is from $ 650 to $ 850 a month. As much costs iPhone 6 in China.

This small report was prepared by Bloomberg, and is very much like that he had a hand in the Apple itself ā€” at least all ends with this phrase:

We never work more than 60 hours and have a rest just like other factories.

Given that Apple is constantly criticized for recycling in factories Foxconn and Pegatron, it is quite like the truth.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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