Pictures of the year: the best pictures taken on the iPhone

People are divided into two categories: those that are removed on the camera, and those that are removed on the iPhone. Who shoots better, is unclear. What is clear is that there are people who shoot with iPhone amazing. These include the winners of the annual award IPP Awards (iPhone Photography Awards).

This week the winners of the award this year. For example, the best photographer of 2015 is Mikel Kowalewski. The best of the best were identified in the other categories: “Best landscape, Best portrait, Best abstract photos” and so on. A total of 16 categories.

Best photos of the winners can be seen below. Some others on the website awards. (All presented on premium photo simply impossible to place in a note — so a lot of them).

Recall that the photographing with the iPhone has already received its name of “iphoneography” and is very common. Even in Cupertino drew attention to it. The company launched its advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” to promote and encourage those who takes pictures with a smartphone. Photos-winners IPP Awards could come in the Apple collection.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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