Pixel 3 XS vs iPhone: What Apple should steal from Google

Immediately after the announcement of the new smartphone from Google iMore reporters have prepared a list of special features, which must pay attention to the competitors of the company. In particular, Apple.


The camera has always been the trump card of Google nexus devices. Using artificial intelligence Pixel 3 displays the picture quality to a new level. This time Google have added a great wide-angle front camera for group selfies. Apple with its tiny sensor should borrow this feature of the Pixel 3.

Quick charge kit

Greed Apple still does not give anyone the rest. What is included with the iPhone XS put a 5-watt power supply brings people from themselves. Google also provides its smartphones with more powerful units for quick charging.

Improved dynamics

The assurance of journalists, Pixel 3 can boast excellent sound quality from the integrated speakers. Even better than the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Apple should work on this feature to catch up with Google.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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