Plug-in module Pictar turn iPhone into a compact camera with easy controls

the iPhone is often used as the primary device for capturing photos and videos, as gadget always at hand and does not occupy much space. For this reason, very popular all kinds of photographic accessories for mobile devices: tripods, cases, lens, remote controls, etc..

Miggo Israeli company started selling pouch-lining Pictar for iPhone with which you can manage the process of shooting in the same way as in SLR cameras. According to the developers, the accessory will make your iPhone more usable as a camera.

The holder has an ergonomic shape and a special system connected to iPhone. In Miggo refused Bluetooth and took advantage of the fact that the microphone of the smartphone catches the high frequency oscillations, so that commands are sent to the tonal encoding in the range 18500-20000 Hz using an ultrasonic transducer. This allows to increase the operating time of a smartphone without recharging.

Case works in tandem with the same application that allows you to adjust exposure, zoom and other parameters without touching the device’s screen. The shutter button, which is equipped with Pictar, as well as in normal cells, is pressed in two stages ā€” first it allows you to focus on the desired object and then to make the frame.

Funds for the release of Pictar, the developers gathered on Kickstarter the necessary $100 000 managed to attract already within 72 hours, and by the end of the campaign the amount collected was more than $300 000.

Pictar will be sold at a price of $100. You can place your order on the manufacturer’s website.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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