Poll: do you buy the iPhone 7 in the new color Space Black?

The iPhone 7 will be painted in a deep, almost black color is Space Black and not dark blue, as previously claimed insiders. The new color scheme will replace the classic “space grey” (Gray Space) and will be closer to the shade of “smart” watches Apple Watch. As conceived by Apple, the coloring is designed to attract the attention of users to the iPhone 7.

Graphic designers have suggested, will look like new, and has published 3D renderings of the future Apple gadget. Images new color iPhone 7 shown very roughly (in some places it is closer to dark grey), but it does not prevent to get a General idea about the black model. Most likely, the specific color Space Black will vary from one device to another like it was Space Gray.

A new color solution should help Apple to draw attention to the iPhone 7, which will not be much different in design from its predecessor. According to informed sources, one of the features of the device will be improved camera and lack of 3.5 mm headphone jacks. But 2017, according to media reports, Apple will offer a radically new model in a glass enclosure and frameless OLED display.

In addition to the new black next-generation iPhone will touch Home button with haptic feedback with simulated click (the same approach as in the case with Force Touch trackpad). the iPhone 7 is also tipped energy-efficient processor Apple A10 with faster graphics, 3 GB of RAM and flash drive capacity of 256 GB.

If you buy the iPhone 7 in the new color Space Black?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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