Poll: users of Samsung products are loyal to the brand, as the owners of Apple gadgets, despite the failure of Galaxy Note 7

Opinion exploding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not affected the willingness of American consumers to buy devices the South Korean brand. With this statement made by the research company Ipsos.

The survey was conducted from 26 October to 9 November among 2 375 users of Samsung smartphones 3 and 158 of iPhone owners in 50 States.

About 91% of users of Samsung smartphones said that, most likely, I would buy a gadget of this company in the future, and 92% were likely to buy another Samsung device. As noted in the study, the results are similar to the attitude of the fans of the brand Apple to produce the “Apple” of the Corporation: 92% of buyers are ready to buy an iPhone, and 89% will buy another product the same company.

A review of the Galaxy Note 7 is affected, mainly those who bought Samsung smartphones for the first time; the main customer base Samsung has remained true to the brand, says Ian Dawson of Jackdaw Research company.

“Personal experience is more important than what you read or hear from other people,” he said.

The launch of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7 in the sale was marred by reports of fire and explosions devices. Initially it was assumed that the guilty batteries Samsung SDI, but after a change of supplier of batteries smartphones continued to bask and burn.

Eventually Samsung was forced to withdraw all issued smartphones Galaxy Note 7, agreeing to billions of dollars in losses. The reasons for the “explosive character” of the phablet is still being investigated.

Last week, sources told the network that phablets Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after a disastrous debut and global opinion can get a second life. The apparatus can return to the market in the form of refurbished devices.

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Clifton Nichols

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