Popular email client Spark received the support of third-party applications

Just a few days ago, Readdle released a new update for their email client. Spark 1.4 for macOS is another serious step in the direction of Readdle software. This time the client received advanced integration with third-party applications.

Interface for sending emails to third-party applications

Readdle has developed a unique tool that allows you to send letters directly to popular programs like Reminders, Things, 2Do, OmniFocus, Todoist, Trello, Asana, Evernote, OneNote, and Bear. The user can send in the application text information or files depending on where they will be forwarded and to modify it. For example, by sending an email to Todoist, you can set the reminder time and to fix it for a specific project. If you are mailing in the application Trello is possible with him to get pictures and file attachments in the body.

In the case of Reminders, Todoist, 2Do, OmniFocus, Things, you can send the entire text of the letter or just a link to it (link will transfer back to the mail client). Spark, in most cases, automatically assigns the subject the task title or notes, and link to it sends to the array. Files and images are collected into a single PDF file and attached to the tasks separately.

The only restriction that will face users is that Spark is almost always sends to other applications only the text, ignoring the documents and photos. The exceptions are Evernote and Trello, is able to capture the whole content.

At the moment, integration with third-party services only works in Spark for Mac OS, but the developers have promised to implement this feature in the next update for the mobile version of the client.

Supported services

Integration with third-party applications gives many new opportunities for e-mail. You can send emails directly into Trello to work together with the team or send it to any of the available task managers to return to it later. The possibilities are limited only by the number of services, their until 11.

Spark is a free email client designed specifically for Apple devices. Spark is available in the AppStore for Mac, iPhone and iPad. The client automatically organizes all incoming mail, distributes emails by categories and by importance level. Separates spam from workspace email, bringing to the fore all the most important.

Spark was created by Odessa team of developers of Readdle, which also worked on such applications like PDF Expert, Documents, Calendars and Scanner Pro.

Download Spark for Mac at this link.

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