Popular Russian app for dealing with collectors has become available to iOS users

Users of iOS devices became available a complete version of the popular Android application is the Depressant that allows you to block calls from representatives of the collection agencies. The app can be downloaded in the App Store for free, requiring only to upgrade the operating system to iOS 10.1.

App the Depressant was developed by Novosibirsk programmer Eugene Piatkowski. It allows you to block incoming calls and SMS messages from phone numbers of collection agencies included in the common database, which is constantly updated by users of the program. Previously the app was only available on Android.

“Initially I just wanted to protect themselves and their loved ones from the persistent calls from collectors looking for previous owner of telephone number that the mobile operator is again allowed to work – says Eugene Pyatkovsky, the developer of the program. – SIM card with this number went to my mother-in-law, which is to ensure that it is not related to the debtor, the collector is dictated by my wife contacts. So began a series of menacing phone calls that pushed me to find a solution for this problem, so that the result appeared the application. To make it public led me to a desire to help those who like me are faced with threats and rudeness in his address on the part of collectors.”

1.5 years in the Google Play app has been downloaded more than 450,000 times and has created a powerful public response, summoning a wave of responses from both regular users and representatives from collection companies.

“I believe that the popularity of the app is the Depressant caused primarily by the presence of serious problems – insufficient regulation of the activities of collectors. No matter whether the reason for calls payable on the loan, or they are committed by mistake, threats to life and health from the collector unacceptable, — says Eugene Pyatkovsky, people needs to be a way to defend themselves. My app allows to do it.”

Download “Depressant Russia” is available for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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