Pornhub proposed Roskomnadzor premium access to the site for unlock

One of the world’s most popular porn sites Pornhub proposed Roskomnadzor access to premium account for canceling the blocking of the site in Russia. This is stated on the official page of the resource in Twitter.

“Roskomnadzor, if you guys will give access to premium account on Pornhub, you’ll unlock our site in Russia?” ask the authors of the tweet.

Twitter users with humor reacted to a similar suggestion, noting that, most likely, one account for Roskomnadzor will be enough. “Where you will find so many premium accounts?” ā€” asked one of the users.

In Roskomnadzor said representatives of Pornhub. “I’m sorry, but we are not on the market, and demographics ā€” is not a commodity,” said the Agency.

September 14 at the request of Buturlinovskiy district court of the Voronezh region Roskomnadzor completely blocked Xhamster in Russia. At the same time it was denied access to the other famous website, YouPorn. According to the project “Roskomsvoboda”, resources have been included in the unified register of prohibited information.

After blocking the site, Roskomnadzor recalled its advice to meet people in real life, which they gave after blocking the Russian version of Pornhub in September 2015.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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