Power 2: the application that allows you to monitor the battery charge the iPhone using the Apple Watch

One of the main advantages the Apple Watch – the function of sending notifications from the iPhone, due to which there is no need every 5 minutes to get a smartphone to check messages. With the Apple Watch on hand, you can not worry that you miss an important mail or message. However, there is one “but” – on the iPhone is now having to look much less frequent and sometimes do not know how long the battery of the smartphone.

This is taken care of by the developers of the utility Power 2. The application allows at any time to control the charge level of the iPhone and get notifications when a smartphone battery runs out of power. As a result, the chance to be in a situation when the Communicator at the most inopportune moment’s passed out from a full discharge, tends to zero.

“Thanks to the Power, you can in real time see the battery level of your iPhone. Moreover, the program will notify you of when your battery runs low or fully saturated electric juices, even if you are in another room,” says the app developer.

In order to monitor battery iPhone, simply install the program and add one of the widgets on the screen of the Apple Watch. Thus, the owner of the smart watch will always know the status of the battery. And in the Time Travel mode, scroll wheel Digital Crown, you can monitor, with what intensity discharged battery of the smartphone.

In addition, as discharge of the mobile Power 2 will send the corresponding notification. The app will alert the user when charge iPhone will be at the next level: 100%, 95% – 85%, 55% – 45%, 20% – 1-% and 9% – 1%.

With Power 2 to your smartphone you can watch even less, keeping calm about the level of charging. The application can be downloaded from the App Store at a price of 75 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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