Presented “smart” toothbrush with built-in camera [video]

Onvi company specializing in innovative dental technologies, has introduced a “smart” toothbrush. A key feature of novelty is the presence of a built-in camera and a dedicated mobile app. According to the developers, a means of personal hygiene will allow people to closely monitor the health of the mouth and teeth condition.

Toothbrush Prophix is equipped with a tiny video camera, which transmits the brushing habits to your smartphone in real time. The smart brush also allows users to take photos of certain areas of the mouth and teeth during morning or evening hygiene procedures. This allows you to carefully brush your teeth, avoiding tooth decay or trauma to the gums.

In addition to broadcast images from the mobile camera application provides the user with information on the duration and quality of cleaning, but also on putting pressure. In order to avoid premature abrasion of the gum tissue, the internal pressure sensor Prophix decelerates the speed of rotation of the head.

In addition to video camera in the toothbrush has a rotating head, soft rubber bristles for tongue cleaning and massaging gums, a small mirror. The device connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

“Smart” toothbrush is available for pre-order at a price of $300. The retail price of the device after sale will be $400.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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