Previous gadgets of Apple has received the support of the new Bluetooth55 review

New devices – it is a good thing, both for the producer and for the user. But the demand for the previous models always great, and the army of their owners also want new features and this time Apple did a curious way.

Introducing a new line of products this fall, “Apple” magicians have not forgotten about last year’s time-tested hits – iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. At first glance, the function in question, is not something out of the ordinary, but the latest version of Bluetooth is gaining popularity, and leave recent flagships without her support it would be a bit strange.

However, outside of advertising slides innovation then came out, and recently the company has updated sections of the official website dedicated to the performance of the devices. As you can see, the gadgets got Bluetooth 4.2, including models of previous generations. How is this done – through software improvements or hardware modifications are in production devices — hard to say. Here both variants are possible: editions 1 through 3 was not subject to renewal, while in the presence of Bluetooth 4.0 you can load the special Supplement to the firmware adding support for version 4.1.

We will remind, the new specification promises a manifold increase in speed and bandwidth — the developer claims a growth of up to two and a half and ten times, respectively. The primary use of the new technology is the so-called “Internet of things” (thanks to the support of the Protocol IPv6/6LoWPAN) and solutions with low power consumption. Unfortunately, older devices, including iPhone 5S and iPad Air, still on Bluetooth 4.0.

According to the materials of 9to5Mac

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