Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the only alternative to FIFA

In the world of consoles and computers for the second decade there is a fierce struggle for the title of best football simulator. FIFA in the last few years unequivocally holds the lead (in the comments there are certainly dissenting), but PES – the main competitor – there was a time when the king’s chair was unsteady, and strong.

On smartphones confrontation almost managed to avoid – specific pros Pro Evolution Soccer barely managed to move to mobile, and early editions of the FIFA for phones just didn’t leave chances sworn enemy. Perhaps now something will change – the latest version of the football simulator from EA Sports did not kick only lazy, but on the final release of FIFA and is hit with the hail of criticism that is terrible to say. Therefore, PES appeared truly great chance to take the lead at least in the mobile segment – which if handled intelligently can bring not less profit than the “classic”. Meet PES 2017 is your last chance to play a real futsi on your smartphone.

Who are the least familiar with the series, he must feel at home – at least because Chelsea here in the old tradition responds to London FC, a team from Manchester – Man Red and Man Blue, respectively. Some licenses, however, is: “Liverpool” had to call “Red Mersyside” or, say, “Nonchampionship” on the spot “Borussia” from Dortmund, Barcelona, Napoli and all the other wonderful team.

Licenses for the domestic Championships do not really happened, but there is the Champions League however, under die soon. In General, the standard for PES history: a few big names, a lot of ad-libbing, but it’s not a good life. But the powerful soundtrack plays, in particular, 21 Pilots.

Pro Evolution Soccer who in the homeland known as Winning Eleven (well, if you translate from hieroglyphics), has always been loved not for a pack of licenses, but for gameplay – the game was a completely unique rate, physics and the overall feel of the game. If FIFA took the gloss and elegance, in relation to the PES decided to write, if he – without the aura of money, but a real one. In General, a sort of life drama against the faceless blockbuster. On mobile it is not so. It’s almost exactly the same futsi, what can you see in, say, FIFA 16: rushing, walls (spirit too, but not on the field), acceleration, passing and strikes on goal. Possible nuances for end-to-end transmission is handled by a separate button, and it’s hard to manage. Try somehow to give a powerful pass to, go crazy. But higher dynamics and individual actions of the players appear not only in speed, big and strong striker will push the defense and his counterpart in the midfield gives great transmission. Defending in PES is problematic, but, in General, to steer the team of athletes entertaining and, most importantly, they can discover something new. Mobile soccer is a good indicator.

And if off the field, everything went smoothly, we would now happily gave PES the laudatory characteristics, and released a delighted verdict under the mouse. But, alas, it is just not fair.

The game has several modes, and all have the slender a number of issues. Multiplayer, for example, is not split as in FIFA, the divisions is the normal matchmaking with the gradation of the rating. The campaign is extremely murky story: you issue a command novamov (no matter which club you choose), and make from start to finish clatter of ten matches in the League. Rivals are taken from somewhere in the air – most likely, the other compounds collected by the users. In the end you are fighting in the championship name, it is not clear who is unclear, and the vague motivation to move on. To simulate matches impossible (this is a separate competition) and miss too, even if you took the starting eight games out of ten, and long ago provided the higher grade. Given that the level of complexity grows only with the growth of the competition, the first few hours is deadly boring with the game in one gate (someone else’s).

Cups bring variety, but it’s a mess: the Champions League is closed, and the rest are divided by days of the week; best prizes still in the regular season. But there’s a catch – plus-minus worthy rivals are only the fourth to fifth stage, and everything before that – forced training with the recruits.

All this husk wrap-around of our beloved fritupley system. First, there is the energy meter, and it is the most draconian energy meter that could come up. One game takes away 20 points out of a hundred; after five matches you are running low on “fuel tank”, and that he’s fully recovered, will have to wait… well, night. One unit of energy is replenished in 15 minutes. Just to gain the “capacity” for one miserable game, you need to take a break for five hours.

Secondly, transfers the ball is ruled by the great Rand – almost the same cards, but here they cost a fortune, the selection depends on the skill of the scout, and the final result can be anything. You give all of the savings for the best “card”, and will fall to some nameless master of the third division of Germany. Directly players to buy it, and it’s disgusting.

PES 2017 could permanently knock out a weaker competitor out of the Palace, but instead waved his hand and sat down to rest on the outskirts. This futsi fun to play, score goals and give dagger of the transmission, but everything off the field – does not hold water. And it’s not London FC.

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Clifton Nichols

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