Problems with the graphics subsystem of the new MacBook Pro was larger than originally anticipated

The extent of the problem with the graphics card in the new MacBook Pro was wider than we could imagine. Initially it was thought that it was a single crash of the graphic system of portable computers. However, surveys of laptop owners revealed that the problem is found in every second user.

MacBook Pro latest generation recently went on sale, and some users have already managed to deal with a serious problem. During the outage, the screen changes to green, blue or red, the image is also covered with mosaics. Also, often there are cases which can be figuratively characterized as “vertical deflection failure” or “synchronization failure”, sometimes accompanied by effect color “veil”. Such problems are commonly found when overheating graphics card or a complete failure.

There are other manifestations, but they all are somehow connected with the picture. Now the owners of new MacBook Pro trying to systematize seen versions of the failures of the graphics subsystem and to find any pattern or dependency of the display of inappropriate images on the screen used at this time software or installed modes.

According to a poll conducted by 9to5Mac, the problems with the graphics of the new MacBook Pro recorded every second user. Failure is observed as the owners of the 13-inch models, and owners of older models with 15 inch display.

The greatest number of complaints about the 15-inch MacBook Pro with graphics Radeon Pro 460. There is a problem in this model was confirmed by about 1,150 people. Further, the frequency of complaints and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar (580 votes) and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro 450 (360). The survey polled 5,000 people.

My MacBook Pro 2016 there are problems with graphics (2698 people):

My MacBook Pro 2016 no problems with the graphics (2404 people):

Users say that the failure happens not only at high loads, but also during normal operation of the system. Due to the fact that the defect seen in different models of MacBook Pro, even without discrete graphics AMD, users speculated whether failures with the hardware of laptops with new operating system or even BIOS micropolicy.

To determine the exact cause of problems is not yet possible. Apple has not commented on these reports.

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