Problems with the production of chips Snapdragon processor 835 can lead to delayed deliveries of the flagship Android smartphones

Most flagship Android smartphones of 2017 will lie hardware platform Snapdragon 835. As we explained earlier, this processor is made on a 10-nm technology ahead of the performance of the Apple platform A10 Fusion used in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, now there are problems with the supply of Snapdragon 835, that could derail the release dates of many models based on it.

The culprit for this situation case is not the Snapdragon processor 835, and South Korea’s Samsung, which has been unable to establish the required output chipset, writes Anzhuo. As a result the company had to postpone the release of its own flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, whose debut was originally scheduled for the mobile world Congress in Barcelona. Was threatened and flagship solutions from other manufacturers, which was to appear shortly after start of deliveries Snapdragon 835.

Problems Samsung could affect the timing of the launch of smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6: it is shown not 14 February as previously thought, but only in the second quarter of 2017.

However, similar problems with the use of 10-nm technology, test, the manufacturer of Apple company TSMC. It is therefore possible that Meizu will also have to revise the schedule of release of the flagship smartphone Meizu MX7 processor Helio X30.

The output of this device may be delayed not even for a couple, and once for 4-5 months due to the heavy workload of orders from Apple. The company TSMC, at the facilities of which create for Apple A11, the priority “giant Apple” and its system-on-chip. If the production of these SoC also uses a 10-nanometer process technology.

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