PUBG released on the PlayStation

Release PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for the PS4, as reports Eurogamer, was a Korean Rating Board ā€” this means that the game will soon get to the Sony consoles. Mobile versions for Android and iOS was released in the summer of 2018.

PUBG ā€” game in the genre “battle Royal” at the peak of activity, according to the January 2018, the number of concurrent online users reached the mark of over 3 million. After the “battle Royal” became popular among gamers, the game entered the Battlefield V Call Of Duty and Fortnite.

After launching on PC in 2017, the huge popularity PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds were interested in Microsoft, which placed the release in the format exclusive early access for Xbox One. Of July 2018 has sold 8 million copies of the game for the console Microsoft. In the early start of the game had a lot of problems, the main one being subsidence number of frames per second. To release version 1.0, the developers have eliminated most of the bugs and added a new map, and dynamic change of weather conditions for console PUBG.

Yet what modes and maps will be available PUBG for the PS4 which may come out in December 2018, provided that Microsoft was a limited exclusive for a year. This is not the first case of information leakage about the upcoming release from the Korean Ratings Board earlier this year it became known about the release of Fortnite for Nintendo console Switch before the official announcement at E3.

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