Published the first photos of a running iPhone 7 Plus in a new color: Deep Blue

The closer September, the more rumors about the next generation of Apple’s smartphone. Network sources said that the company is going to introduce another color for a series of branded gadgets, which will be the standard with the debut of the iPhone 7. Moreover, a new shade to replace classical Space Gray.

In the Network there are rumors of two versions of a new shade ā€“ Deep Blue and Space Black. Today appeared photos of the iPhone 7 Plus is the second variant color schemes. At this time, the network showed a smartphone-enabled screen and color, which in the line of Apple smartphones was not.

Depicted in the photographs iPhone 7 Plus repeat exactly the latest rumors about the aluminum casing, a new design of antenna panels, the lack of a 3.5 mm audio Jack, connector Smart Connector and a dual camera module. In other words, anyone who was still hoping for a redesign of the flagship Apple will have finally made up your mind about the appearance of smartphones.

In the photos the iPhone 7 Plus in the color “deep blue” posing next to the iPhone 6s in Space Gray. Such a comparison allows to verify: the new version looks no worse and in some ways even more interesting classic shades.

“Deep blue” will make the company colors silver, gold and rose gold. If the rumors are true, iPhone 7 will not be able to purchase the smartphone in Space Gray color.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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