Pupils enjoy iOS 9.3

Probably there’s more time to install to their iOS device 9.3, which had some useful features like “night mode” and set the password on the note. But perhaps most importantly, an opportunity for education: they will be available on iPad and iPhone after the official release of the operating system. What is this function?

For example, some students will be able to use the same iPad, each of them will have their own account with their own unique content. To connect to your device and account in iCloud, it will be sufficient to enter a simple code of four digits.

Students who are regularly registered on the same iPad can connect to work much faster thanks to intelligent caching. You can just continue training from the point where stopped, but all the content is already downloaded to your device.

Special attention deserves the application Class ā€” it allows teachers to run or block individual apps, or pages of the textbook on each iPad in the class. Using the preview screen the teacher can easily see the screen of any of the disciples and to display the image on a large screen using Apple TV. But if the student has forgotten the password, the master will restore it in the application Class on the iPad.

And the school Manager School Manager Apple includes all the necessary functions for school management that will help to use the iPad in teaching.

So Apple seriously intends to become the best assistant in education. However, unfortunately, it’s unclear how it will work in Russia. The minimum required active assistance from teachers in schools and lecturers in institutions.

New features can already be tried in public beta.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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