Putin made the adjustment “of the law Spring”

“Spring law” in the future may be adjusted. This statement was made on Tuesday, September 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with representatives of the faction “United Russia” in the lower house of the Parliament, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to the head of state, “possible solutions” that “and will solve the problem, and business will not put in the difficult situation and conditions. Putin assured that the government and the Ministry of communications dealing with the issue.

“And if all work together to see what possible solutions that will solve the problem, and business will not put in complicated terms and conditions, then, maybe it will need some adjustments to make in the future,” he said.

Thus, according to the President, “to ensure the safety of the citizens” need “to use any technical features. “We see what is happening in the world, and I think no one doubts that we must make maximum efforts to ensure the safety of the people,” the President added.

Anti-terrorism package of laws was adopted by the state Duma and the Federation Council. It is sponsored by the head of the Duma Committee on security Irina Spring and the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense Viktor Ozerov. The Russian President signed a law on 7 July.

On the eve of rostec reported that the localization of hardware and software that is required for the execution of anti-terrorist amendments, will cost 10.3 billion rubles.

In late June, mobile operators have stated that the requirements of the “Law of Spring”, especially in terms of storing information about the content of phone calls and correspondence of subscribers will lead to billions in losses and deprive the budget of substantial tax deductions.

According to the operators, the execution of the amendments will cost the company 10 trillion rubles. In particular, MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 will need to 40.6 million hard disks with capacity of 10 TB and 30.5 million SSDS 1.6 TB. Companies will be required 565 000 pieces of different networking equipment: switches, routers, and firewalls.

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