Qualcomm has accused Apple of stealing technology to help Intel

Qualcomm said at the hearing that Apple broke the agreement about the software, which she signed when she began work with the manufacturer of processors. The data was stolen for collaboration with Intel, Qualcomm believe in.

The complaint says that this charge was brought after Qualcomm found evidence that Apple has been repeatedly provide Intel source code and confidential information, so they can improve the performance of their chips.

“Illegal use of valuable secrets Qualcomm to try to help the rival to catch up, causing us irreparable harm and should be discouraged,” said CNBC chief Advisor of Qualcomm, Donald Rosenberg.

This accusation refers to the lawsuit that Qualcomm filed in November 2017. Then the manufacturer of processors claimed that Apple banned to check how it uses the source code of Qualcomm products.

If the court will add that charge to the original lawsuit, the case can still be seen in April 2019. Representatives for Apple and Intel declined to comment on the statement by Qualcomm.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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