Rare engineering prototype iPhone 6 exhibited on eBay for 330 000

While most of the users looking in the direction of serial solutions for Apple, on the Internet auction site eBay is being actively bidding for iPhone 6 prototype. The device, labeled as “Vintage Apple iPhone 6 Prototype” (Vintage prototype iPhone 6), owned by the American under the name Niftynina. The item description States that this is one of the first engineering samples of the smartphone.

Put on eBay the smartphone is only slightly different from the normal iPhone – the same aluminum body, 4.7-inch display. While the device has no FCC markings, and on the bottom edge in place Lightning-connector he insert red.

On the smartphone installed operating system iOS. Working iPhone 6 running the test software for developers SwitchBoard. With it, Apple engineers are testing electronic circuits, display and wireless interfaces of the device. The owner of the iPhone 6 are not told how he got the device.

As pointed out in the description of the author of the lot, the Apple usually doesn’t allow prototypes to leave the walls of their laboratories, so the buyer has a unique chance to get one of the early models of the device.

Of course no one can guarantee that the smartphone will be able to work: make calls, send SMS, especially as a full-fledged operating system had not. The author asks lots for smartphone $5 000 (about 335 000).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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