Rates new generation of “MegaFon”: how to sell what was once free

Last week MegaFon has introduced a new tariff range called “register”. The line is designed specifically for the profiles of consumption of communication services and tries to provide customers with the services that they need. Anyway, so promises the operator.

Announcing the new tariffs, MegaFon stressed that they are created in such a way that satisfy the needs of different customer groups. After analyzing the previous experience, the company found that the integrated rates of the previous generation are very often used not completely. For example, the subscriber selects all included in the package Internet traffic, but uses SMS or calls very rarely. Or the opposite – actively calling, practically not using the Internet. Accordingly, if someone needs more services, he had to choose a more expensive tariff with a large volume of all services. Naturally, the number of unclaimed minutes or gigabytes also grew. It felt awkward as the subscriber and the operator: the first was the feeling that they’re missing out on paid opportunities, and the second was more difficult to understand the consumption profile of a person.

In this regard, it was decided to change the paradigm. To do this, MegaFon has allocated the so-called “Digital subscribers”. Under the terrible title is not a group of cyborgs, and those who actively use the Internet, laying on him the functions of communication. That is, those who doesn’t call very often, but likes to chat on messenger, listen to music online and surf the web. Currently MegaFon subscribers, about 33%, and in a short time should be about 50%. Moreover, among those connected to the operator now, such subscribers already 60%.

In order to match the time, the operator launched new tariff. According to “MegaFon”, they have no analogues (C) and is based on the real interests of digital users. In the Nag sure that it is not, although it is not, but new line is really interesting.


“Register” has six rates: Write, Listen, Speak, Communicate, See and Premium. They all differ in content, but now content is very different from what it was before. For example, included are SMS there are only two tariffs: the cheapest “Write” (200 PCs.) and the most expensive Premium (unlimited). The remaining four rate decided to take this service, arguing that it “digital people” are no longer needed. Of course, some truth in this, but now, for any message will have to pay extra money. The calculation here is simple – maybe even a couple times a month, but to clear the subscriber’s additional a couple of rubles.

Full list of tariffs for the Moscow region-enabled services is presented in the table:

As can be seen, tariffs do work. The first thing that catches the eye is unlimited im and social network. Here “the Megaphone” has gone the way of Tele2, which is the number of tariffs made partially free use messengers. In “the Megaphone” penny wise and did traffic for WhatsApp and Viber free (including voice and video calls). It added to the eMotion messenger is a proprietary development of “MegaFon”, which replaced the old “Multifon”, when the operator was still hoping to capture a niche of today’s favorites. The traffic is also free, but the services themselves will have to pay the price of messenger. Thus, the use of the above services does not waste traffic from the basic package, as it was previously. The situation is similar with social networks. In General, now is communication really became unlimited.

Alas, the scheme has its disadvantages. First, the tariffs with a monthly fee sane set of messengers is limited solely to WhatsApp and Viber (to consider eMotion does not make sense because of its unpopularity). Neither Telegram nor Skype, nor other similar products MegaFon is not suggested. In the monthly fee Telegram, Facebook Messenger and fresh TamTam included only the Premium for 3 000 rubles, which is if someone connects, it will be in the minority. To explain such selectivity of simple forgetfulness will not work, because for those who don’t have WhatsApp and Viber, MegaFon made a special offer (about it below).

Second, free is the only native traffic for social networks. If the application of the social network or website download traffic from other resources, it will be deducted from the basic package.

Third, to connect the rate to the router or modem will not work – it is only for mobile networks.

Fourth, when using Opera browser, VPN, systems, traffic compression and other similar services, all traffic will be deducted from the basic package.

Fifth, as soon as basic traffic package, access to unlimited resources is terminated. Alas, lost Internet for a couple of days and then wait 28 days just in Facebook or Viber will not work – have to buy additional volumes of traffic. And this limitation is one of the strongest on the rates. It makes either very critical of the current package or be prepared to buy additional. That will automatically increase the communication costs.

Sixth, the unlimited access services via browser is only possible if the version of this browser is “relevant.” What is meant by “relevance”, the operator to explain “forgotten”, but in the depths of the descriptions of the different services we found that “current” means “latest”. So if you haven’t updated on time browser to the latest version, you can forget about the free instant messengers and social networks. What was the reason for this selectivity is unclear. If this is not a bug, support is clearly waiting for a flood of complaints from disgruntled customers who did not receive the promised due to the fact that the time is not updated.

As a result, the terms ‘free’ services have a very notable limitations that you need to keep in mind. On the other hand, no one promised it would be easy for the free cheese will run. In the end, who’s a “digital subscriber”, we or “Megaphone”?

The second noticeable aspect of the new tariffs is their focus. As promised, “the Megaphone” tried to create tariffs that would shut down a niche, instead of trying to give the user unneeded services. For example, additional traffic, video services available in senior rates, “See” and “Premium”, which is clearly aimed at those who are actively interested in video content. For them service is designed MegafonTV with a set of TV channels and 4 movies a month. In turn, the rate of “Listen” will be useful for those who need unlimited music via Yandex.Music, BOOM, and the like. Also interesting is the difference between “Listen” and “Speak”. For the same subscription fee is 500 rubles, “Listen” offers 6 GB of traffic and 250 minutes of talk, but “Talk” — only 3 GB of traffic, but 600 minutes to talk.


If someone is unhappy that his “Look” unlimited you can only communicate in Viber and WhatsApp, MegaFon is ready to provide the opportunity to correct this misunderstanding. Of course, for a fee. For this purpose options that allow you to add to your tariff opportunities other:

The price tag on options varies and depends on the “severity” of the provided content. Additional messengers will cost 60 rubles a month, the social network is 120 rubles, but the video is 300 rubles. In General, the answer to the question “why is the beloved Telegram was not included in the basic set?” was very simple – because it is possible to make extra money.

Everything else

As usual, the tariffs in addition to these there are also other features. For example, the most Junior services are provided only in the home region. Those who act for the whole of Russia, do not operate in several regions of the Far East, and for each rate there is still a lot of connected services. However, directly to the line of “join” they do not belong – like features have all operators.

As noted in the beginning, a new line of “MegaFon” was referred to as innovative and has no analogues. It is really very interesting, but innovative it is not called at all desire. You can, of course, long considered the profitability of a particular option combination and how to build consumption of so that not to go beyond the limits. But if you remember recent times, it appears that more recently, for 400-600 rubles you can get mobile nl, where I got all messengers, social networks and YouTube combined. And no headaches, necessary, to count traffic or to decide which category of consumers fit in, not to fly into the pipe.

Alas, the era of bezlimita and bulk packs left. Anyway, until the next round of market development.

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