Razer has released a cool headset for streamers

Razer Ifrit is a new gaming headset brand that combines in-ear headphones with minimal delay and is a professional condenser microphone. At the request of the co-founder of the company, Ifrit is ideal for streamers.

The main difference from other headsets are the weight and dimensions of the device. In-ear headphones is located on the plastic “rim” that is reminiscent of the model with bone conduction of sound from AfterShokz, condenser microphone delivers professional-quality transmission and voice recording.

Ifrit headset connects to PC and Xbox One via a standard 3.5 mm connector. Also included is an adapter Razer USB Audio Enhancer for connection to a USB port. With this adapter you can also connect two headsets to a PC or Sony PlayStation 4.

Razer is positioning Ifrit as a perfect accessory for the mobile stream, but the company does not offer an adapter for connecting to devices with USB Type-C. Considering how many modern smartphones, including Razer Phone, use this connector to connect headphones, it would be logical to release a special adapter.

Razer Ifrit already went on sale for $ 99.99. The novelty is available on the website of the company.

The company also started selling the adapter with the 3.5 mm to USB-A – USB Razer Audio Enhancer for $ 19.99.

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Clifton Nichols

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