Readdle has added the function of dragging and dropping files between apps on iPad

In iOS 9 on tablets Apple has introduced the long-awaited multi-tasking. Among other things, support for split screen Split Screen, which enables you to work with two apps at the same time. Unfortunately, even in iOS 10 it has some serious limitations, in particular does not support Drag & Drop function.

The developers at Readdle have solved the problem with the simultaneous work with two applications on the iPad, adding to their products the ability to drag and drop files between the two applications is exactly the same as on a PC. We are talking about applications, Documents, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert and Spark.

Now, for example, in the split screen files in the file Manager you can transfer Documents directly in the mail, Spark, and the received email document is quickly transferred to the editor PDF Expert.

Drag and drop is available only in software Readdle. So if you, for example, to view mail using standard Mail, you can still attach files to emails only in the traditional way.

This innovation is definitely lacking in the iOS operating system. Especially if Apple is going to continue to promote the iPad as a replacement for laptops and personal computers.

In addition, the developers Readdle has updated Documents, refreshed the user interface and adding improved functionality to work with files, and the ability to edit documents in the cloud.

Download file Manager Documents 6 available for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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