Readdle has released a “smart” email client for Mac Spark [video]

On a new email client for Mac worked the authors of the Documents and Scanner Pro apps productivity, familiar to every iPhone owner and iPad. Spark is a desktop version of the popular iOS app with plenty of settings and useful features, which is safely used instead of the original Mail.

Spark meets a variety of settings, ways to organize Inbox and smart functionality. The inexperienced Mac user and fans of minimalism, it may even scare. You have to choose between their Inbox and its smart counterpart, letters with gestures swipe, to deal with intelligent search and integration of third-party services.

The focus of the developers Spark pay smart functions. The app automatically collects incoming messages and orders by category. Them in the order listed corresponds to and defines the model of the letters of the new product. The first thing you parse new emails read or immediately clean the unit newsletters. Important message attached in the section Pins (the analog of the list of important tasks), and the rest in the Inbox. At any time you can switch to the usual mode of displaying all letters.

Interesting innovation with regard to the emails, quick responses. According to the developers, most of the answers can be replaced by simple and straightforward actions.

A special pride of developers of the program ā€” smart search bar. Spark correctly processes queries formulated in the usual language, and give the relevant results for a query like “pdf attachments from david”. While this feature is available only in English. In addition, Spark finds files by name or type, and often used queries-saves.

Spark supports panel Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro, and allows you to customize the read receipts of emails, notifications, signatures, sound alerts. Here you can find a mail client binding third-party services. Cloud storage presents Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive services deferred reading ā€” Pocket, Instapaper and Readabilty.

Download Spark for Mac in the App Store at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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