Realm: application developers are losing interest in Apple Watch

The developer losing interest in Apple Watch, said market research company Realm, with its analytical base of 100,000 apps. At that time, as programmers actively join the tvOS store App Store directory apps for Apple Watch may not boast the same number of new releases.

“Every week we see a slight addition of apps for the Apple Watch compared to iOS, told Business Insider CEO Tim Anglade. ā€“ For every 1,000 applications for iOS account 10 apps for tvOS and probably 1 app for the Apple Watch.

Realm the analyst believes that there is now a “gold rush” with the software for tvOS, as this is a completely new platform. Similar was observed immediately after the release of the Apple Watch. He believes that the interest in wearable computer, Apple will not be reborn, unless the application for watchOS will not be able to work independently from the iPhone.

According to IDC, in the first quarter of 2016 Apple sold about 1.5 million Apple Watch, making them the most popular smart watches in the market. However, the manufacturers of fitness bracelets Fitbit and Xiaomi is not behind the American competitor ā€“ the two companies ahead of sales “Apple” of the product more than twice.

In two week at WWDC will announce a new platform watchOS 3.0 for “clever” hours of Apple. About innovations in the operating system of the next generation is little known. We are talking about the improve the stability of the OS, as well as greater autonomy applications. Now the software accesses the iPhone, the Apple Watch operates extremely slowly.

The final version of watch OS 3.0 will be released this fall along with the Apple Watch 2.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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