Recalls Intel smartwatch Basis Peak because of the danger of overheating and skin burns

Intel is Recalling all sold smartwatch Basis Peak because of a technical defect. The company promised to return the money to all owners of the gadget.

In June, Intel encouraged users Basis Peak to stop wearing them, because the smart watch can overheat and cause burns or blisters on the skin.” In recent weeks the company tried to resolve this problem of software updates, but it failed without appreciable effect on operational characteristics of the product.

In the new statement, asks owners Intel Basis Peak immediately return your device and promises to compensate their cost with accessories. “The safety and health of clients is the highest value for the company,” said Intel.

The chip maker doesn’t tell you how many instances of “smart” watches have been sold, but noted that problems occur in one case out of 500. Also some customers have reported overheating charging station hours. None of the users Basis Peak, fortunately, was not seriously hurt.

Basis Peak was designed by a startup Basis Science, which Intel bought in 2014. They went on sale in November 2014.

Intel said it will pay compensation including shipping and taxes. The cost of the watch in the US is $234, in Europe — €244.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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