Refusal to audiogeek the iPhone 7 will improve the quality of the music being played

More recent rumors about a possible iPhone 7 without audio out headphone gain is truly unimaginable speed. To date, more than 200 000 Internet users signed a letter to Apple with a request to leave Jack and different sorts of intelligence quite well speculating on the topic, attracting more and more attention. However, even if the 3.5 mm Jack and will sink into Oblivion, this does not mean that collapse is inevitable.

In the opinion of our distinguished colleague Jim Dalrymple from The Loop, quitting audiogeek in all new Apple devices will inevitably lead to the improvement of the quality of the music being played. Jim believes that the industry is on the verge of stagnation, and a new interface for headphones (even if they will be the usual Lightning) may change the situation for the better.

“If you noticed how in the Apple are technology, then most likely, we have no reason for concern. All the engineers from Cupertino, it only gets better. Well, anyway, no worse than what it was before ā€” said Dalrymple. ā€“ I am more than sure that Apple will be able to implement your idea so well that the sound of music earlier through a 3.5 mm output, will be released on quite a different in quality level.

I think so not only because they are probably going to use more modern audiocopy and its long-standing experience in the field of noise reduction. In my opinion, it’s all about the ineffectiveness of 3.5 mm connector, which did not undergo fundamental changes and long-obvious improvements are already too long. I think the future is in digital communication”.

If among our readers there are owners of absolute hearing, or really fans of quality music, we ask you to give your opinion on this. What do you think, could there be anything better than good old audiodrama?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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