Refusal to audiogeek the iPhone 7 will increase its value

With the easy flow of journalists 9To5 with enviable speed in the world a rumour about a possible release of the iPhone 7 without a 3.5 mm audio output. We have previously reasoned on the topic of the absurdity of this decision, but from Apple we can expect the most unusual technological solutions, the essence of which is known only by engineers from Cupertino. But besides the obvious inconveniences of such a step, it can lead to a substantial increase in the price of the future device.

As a result of failure of the usual audio connector in favor of a proprietary Lightning, most users, owning more or less quality headphones, is unlikely to want to change their favorite accessory to something of unknown quality. However, most likely, a solution will be found the Apple that simply has to release a special adapter with a lightning bolt on a 3.5 mm Jack. And disgruntled customers can pacify, and to earn some money.

However, this “crutch”, reminiscent of the clean water speculation, will make the device less “flexible” by eliminating the possibility of charging while listening to music. And then it will come to the aid of the “humpback” cover (probably his second incarnation) with built-in battery that can not only extend the battery life, but will save you from unnecessary wires. As a result – the inevitable increase in the price of the final set iPhone 7 really together with the necessary accessories.

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