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With the current level of technology to stand in a queue to the ATM or the teller for payment of utility bills is not necessary — there are more convenient ways to pay, without leaving home. One of such solutions is the mobile application “Rent”, developed by the Bank of Moscow, which had recently been updated.

This app is for residents of Moscow simplifies the process of payment of housing and communal services. To find out information about their charges, you can enter the payer ID or scan the bar code on the receipt, and then pay for them using Bank cards of any Russian Bank.

In the new “Rent” a complete redesign and a new features when working with charges maintenance service.

The app now has detailed accrual passport. Added detail of the services that make up the total amount to be paid. You will always know what you pay for — gas, hot water overhaul and so on, enough to make a swipe to the left on the “Payment” screen. In addition, the main menu now displays a list of attached Bank cards for convenient payment. Also through the app you can pay money for major repairs, even if the main receipt you get from the HOA, not the passport.

Editing templates even easier — just pull the template to the left to edit or delete it. Tied cards and now you can assign different names and colors.

If paying with Bank of Moscow all payments shall be made without a fee, for cards of other banks are charged the minimum fee is 0.9 % of the payment.

With the app “Rent” not to forget to pay your utilities has never been easier. By the way, if you are already registered in any other mobile application of the Bank of Moscow, registering again is not necessary. The procedure of registration in the “Rent” is no more difficult than any other app, and it pleases – no need to enter passport details or any other way to pass complex identification. It’s great that routine operations that do not bring much pleasure, you can perform a couple of clicks on your phone.

Title: The Rent
Publisher/developer: Bank of Moscow
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone

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