Repost Instagram is a simple way to save a photo from Facebook

How often each of us are faced with the fact that Instagram like a picture, or video, and would like to save it, but the social network doesn’t provide this option?

With the app “Instagram Repost ” this problem will no longer deliver any inconvenience.

Program the allows you to save the publication of his Gallery in less than a minute. This takes just a couple of seconds and a minimum of effort.


To save a publication from Instagram in two ways: the link on the post and via your social network account. The second option is necessary in order to save the publish from closed profiles.


For example, if the user has restricted the circle of persons who can view his photos only subscribers save an image will be possible in advance of signing up for it in Instagram.

Next “Instagram Repost” works is very simple:

— Go to Instagram and find the post that you would like to keep.

— Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and select “Copy link”.

— Go to “Instagram Repost”. The picture is automatically displayed in the “By reference”. Under it appears the “Download”button.

After a few seconds the can be viewed in the gallery of the device.

On the same principle of application allows to consider and keep avatars users of Instagram in good quality.


To do this, go to the tab “Avatar” and in the search bar to enter a user nickname.

Then press the “Search” button, wait a few seconds and the screen will display the photo with the user’s avatar. You might be able to save itself to the Gallery using the “Download” button under the image.


The app “Instagram Repost” is a simple and convenient tool to save photos and videos from Instagram. It can be easy to share with friends who are not registered in social networks, beautiful scenery, interesting layouts and pictures of desserts.

However, when you copy content always remember that every photo is the result of the efforts of the photographer, and it is the subject of copyright protection.

Download the app temporarily for free from the App Store at this link.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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