Resero 9: compact notification banners for iOS 9 [Cydia]

Released in 2011, iOS 5, Apple seriously upgraded the notification system. The notification center not only combined events from all applications, including information about missed calls, SMS messages, weather reports, correspondence from Facebook, but also changed the way of displaying alerts on the screen of the iPhone and iPad with a little, as they are called Apple notification. Two years later, in iOS 7 the company has redesigned the banners, changing their animation and color scheme.

Notifications in iOS 9 tweak 9 Resero

Resero 9 is a new jailbreak tweak from the visual to software iOS that allows you to change the format of the “Apple” notifications. If you are not happy with the size of the banners on the iPhone and find them too bulky, the jailbreak add ā€“ on is the solution.

A slight tweak from Cydia performs one single function ā€“ reduces the size of the popup notifications in iOS. After installing this add-on banners become several times smaller and, accordingly, take up less space on the device screen. In the above screenshot, you can see that the new pop-up notification is just one line, the size of the status line.

Standard notifications in iOS 9

Note that before installing Resero 9 on the iPhone or iPad, you must jailbreak. Just download the tool Cydia Impactor for Windows, OS X, and Linux that is compatible with all 64-bit devices on iOS 9, and literally one click to jailbreak. Manual available at this link.

Take advantage of the new format of banners on the iPhone right now. Resero 9 available in Cydia for free.

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