Residents of the Bryansk region changes the house with a bath on the new MacBook Pro

Users on the network were horrified by the prices of the new MacBook Pro, which Apple introduced at the presentation on October 27. Some jokingly offered to sell a kidney for a new laptop, the other ready to exchange the house to get the coveted new.

The cost of a new MacBook Pro in Russia is from 120 000 to 349 000. Writes user under the name @sd0107, he is ready to sell a house with a bath and a plot in the Bryansk region to become the owner of the computer.

Many felt that the cost of the MacBook Pro is unreasonably high. Some conservative users have expressed dissatisfaction with the keyboard, lamenting that “some keys replaced on something useless”, calling with the Touch Bar “toy, do not affect the efficiency.”

Others are encouraged to embrace the new laptop is not too critical. “I like it when people start to complain about a product that hasn’t even been used. As a rule, they are mistaken. About iPhone 7, for example, people said that Apple can’t come up with anything new. This smartphone diverges like hot cakes, and my personal gadget is the best of all that was. I am sure when people will test the new MacBook, their opinion will change,” — says user forum Macrumors.

Many fans laptops Apple said that MacBook Pro is good but very expensive, so they’ll have to continue to use their current devices.

The Vice-President of worldwide product marketing Apple Phil Schiller said the following:

“We try to set reasonable prices. But we create products with an eye on the price, and with the expectation of feeling and quality that people expect from a Mac. In some cases we have to set a high price. The price tag on an innovative product may turn out slightly higher, but only because this product is worthwhile.”

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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