Responsible ModMac: “dead” iMac and iPhone, which became the “slave” charging

Specialists of the service center ModMac continue to answer the questions of our readers on the repair of Apple technology. Today we have questions from two readers: one is not working display to the iMac, another iPhone only works on charger.

Hello, I have a problem with the iMac. The screen shows no picture, even no backlight, just a black screen, the computer works, the coolers are noisy. Also does not work USB port. In what may be the case, and whether it is possible to fix it ?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Periodically faced with such a problem. In the first place would recommend to connect an external monitor to verify that the culprit display. Except it could fail train display, backlight module, control Board and display module. The problem is with the USB port can be solved, but before that you need to run a diagnostic.

I have a problem with the iPhone 5. On the charger it works but as soon as it unplug it, after about five minutes shuts down and does not work, yet again, to charge not to deliver. How to deal with it?

Judging by the description, the problem is the lost capacity of the battery. It will need to be replaced. Often, if a smartphone for many years.

If you have any questions to the experts, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to answer all of them, but keep in mind that sometimes it may take time — a lot of questions.

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