Responsible ModMac: does not work Wi-Fi and audio Jack iPhone

Specialists of the service center ModMac continue to answer the questions of our readers on the repair of Apple technology.

Question from a reader with the nickname Speccy:

Hello! Lately when you connect headphones via the 3.5 mm Jack some time later with some pressure on the Jack lost sound in the left earphone. This problem occurs when you connect any headphones or speakers. And always a problem with the left channel. Tell me, the case is warranty? iPhone 6s 64 GB.

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Hello! To start, take a flashlight and try to Shine inside — if you see there is dust or even some foreign body, try to take a toothpick and gently try to get it. If you understand that it does not work, contact the service center where you are sure to help! If anything is in there and the phone is still under warranty, be sure to contact the official.

Question from a reader with the nickname sashkapak:

Good day! Switches Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do not work (they are just grey, when you try not to switch), what could be the problem?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Hello! The problem lies in the malfunction of the chip responsible for wifi and Bluetooth. Camera understands that with a chip, something happened, it does not take adequate food or short, therefore not giving it to use. You must diagnose and establish the cause of failure.

If you have any questions to the experts, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to answer all of them, but keep in mind that sometimes it may take time — a lot of questions.

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