Responsible ModMac: overheating iPhone and replace the top Flex cable

Specialists of the service center ModMac continue to answer the questions of our readers on the repair of Apple technology.

Question from a reader with the nickname Sidok:

Hello, ModMac! The question is: with good heat iPhone 7 the brightness fades out to about 50% (if you move the brightness slider is above half, nothing changes). After cooled, the brightness back to maximum. Is this normal?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Hello! In your case, most likely, overheating of the phone and the fault backlights are in-warranty failure. It is advisable to contact an authorized service center, where you will help.

Question from a reader with the nickname qkynet:

Hey, guys! I noticed that on iPhone suddenly began to refuse the power button and volume rocker. Can I fix you?

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Will reply to all people who faces similar problems. In this case, you can almost with 100% certainty that the problem is in the upper plume that fell into disrepair. Changing it for long, the repair we, of course, ongoing.

If you have any questions to the experts, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to answer all of them, but keep in mind that sometimes it may take time — a lot of questions.

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