Responsible ModMac: problems with display and battery iPhone

Specialists of the service center ModMac continue to answer the questions of our readers on the repair of Apple technology.

Question from a reader with the nickname Ostin27:

iPhone 5 touch screen started to live my life sometimes, but rarely, works fine, most often he presses various buttons, typing text, scrolls the screen and so on. What might be the problem, it’s the screen module flew, or it could be the ribbon cable? Note — the screen is not damaged and displays everything correctly.

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

Hello! There’s a problem with the display module is probably water, but also possible problems with the fee, caused by a blow or fall. In any case, it is first necessary to try to replace the screen, and if will not help, will need to explore cost.

Question from a reader with the nickname bezromval:

Faced with a strange problem. Decided to replace the battery on your iPhone 6 Plus. It was not enough. Different programs show the real battery capacity of 2600 mAh and 600 cycles charge/discharge. I bought the battery in Europe. Not a Frank China, and quite a good one. And even with the logo “Apple”. As I understand it — from those provided in authorized service centers. Mounted the battery. Cycles of charge/discharge is 0. The real capacity of 3010 mAh. Well, I think everything is in order. But no! The battery is charged up to the same 2600 mAh, and stop. I have the feeling that either the phone remembers your battery, or off the counter, and the boundaries of 100% and 0% was incorrectly defined. How to be? Already put in 0, and charged through. The battery indicator in iOS behaving oddly. Freezes at 91% and the charging stops. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Meet the experts of the service center ModMac:

First and foremost, you and all the readers I want to say that almost all programs that give information about battery lie, the residual capacity to learn is quite difficult and is possible only by special equipment. In your situation the problem is most likely either a software level, that is, you need to reflash, or is connected with the charge.

If you have any questions to the experts, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will try to answer all of them, but keep in mind that sometimes it may take time — a lot of questions.

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