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Don’t tell me that you have never died the Lightning cable. No, honestly, if you are one of the few representatives of the human race, which all with a proprietary cable from Apple in order, then you can not to read and not to watch the video. Stock good luck you will last a long time. But everybody else must watch. Most likely, the cable from [FUSE]chicken will be in your life last. In a good way.

And okay, it was a single cable. Well, in the sense model. So no! [FUSE]chicken have a whole bunch of solutions at all occasions. And, most interestingly, with MFi certification to look at their prices very nice. Do not be lazy, look how much for a normal meter of the lace of the guys from Apple. A 2 meter — know how much?

Well, we are not lazy, so just look and say, 1600 rubles 2400 rubles. So then these cables are turned in to rewind tape something formless, no longer be recognized, and finished his life in the trash can. Want to know how much is the Last In Your Life Lightning?

Short cable called Titan Loop is one of the most interesting in the set that was given to us for a comprehensive study and torture. More precisely, as in… Positioning of this cable is somewhat unusual — it promoted as a massive key chain. Rolled loop contraption is able to be fixed in this position with the help of reliable plastic fasteners and do not get loose. But on a backpack I would to hang it did not. No, the loop itself you do not “go” but “to attach feet” in the Moscow metro may. It would be a shame, because it is an eternal guarantee will not apply. Yes, it is shorter than traditional solutions, but it is sometimes very useful. For the eternal loop, officially came to our market, asking 2200 rubles. But then it’s much more interesting!

Titan is such a great Loop. In the loop-it will not swerve, but can be used as a normal bedside cable. Packing again tells us that it must be easy to open and use. No accesswrite, no fasteners, nothing more. But in the office we tried to use as self-stick. If you are not a 6 Plus is theoretically possible. A little scary, but possible. The rigidity does not seem excessive — so the cable length will not work to tie in a Gordian knot. For 2500 rubles you will receive 1 meter of wire that will be able to specify in the will (but then, social media sites, it is possible to bequeath?!). By the way, between the Loop and the Titan set, and their average friend: Titan Travel length of 50 inches will be a great boon for those who want a little longer than the Loop, but the heap of wires in a travel bag I want to avoid.

Car Bobine Blackout — is almost a work of art. It is almost a Titan, but only black (exactly under the style of 99% of automotive interiors). But it would, as you would say in “Master and Margarita”, not so bad. Here is the mount in order to tightly fix the wire on the console of the car, and the phone is somewhere on the panel. What caused people to come up with a solution — don’t know, but looks cool and in reality functional.

For additional functionality will need to pay a little bit and leave the guys from iReplace 2900 rubles, but if you do it once, then more expenses you’ll incur. I think heat shrink end sleeves and blue electrical tape for the years of friendship with the iOS device I spent half the price of this cable, and to sense — a little less than zero. It used these “chickens”?!

Armour Charge is a typical cable for everyday use. By the way, the reinforcement he is no longer “corrugation”, and twist of fine wire. With a length of 2 meter is hard to imagine the situation in which its length will not be enough. Though the bed on the nightstand, though at office, though on the trip to reach out to any outlet will be in any case. There are, however, meter version, but we’re maximalists, and the cable from my kit iPad Pro has already begun to die, so for a test I requested. So. The price tag on them — my compliments. For short — 2400, for a long, 2700. And that’s all. You don’t have to increase quarterly profit Apple’s point aksessuarami. I hope cook will not be offended.

Now what cable can do and in what situations he is able to help out? It is clear that the cutters all the wires in the house you try to strength will not. And here, for example, in the kitchen you have a prescription from ipadio something cooked, cut the meat, I met with a knife… no, the situation is a little unusual.

But dogs and cats leads to really love. Don’t know about you, but many of my friends this is quite an acute problem. And here the solution from [FUSE]chicken can be very useful. Well, you’ve seen somewhere that the normal dog was dragging a piece of rebar in my teeth? No? Here is a cable that not to bite, to chew she will not — not the same feeling, I guess. We have dogs and cats cable offered, they refused.

In the car, again, in the driver’s area is a constant mess. No, people with the order in the car we know but when you start in the glove box to turn off is to remove the wires — they will somehow suffer. Or touches something of his, or of the pocket on the door it will fall and the door will press down. Or the car will move… in Short, a must-have. In Bobine Blackout more fasteners for cable, and smartphone. Everything is thought out.

In a backpack the same Titan Loop — an indispensable thing. I have the bag hanging unimaginable number of items to varying degrees of severity — from keys and change to different smartphones, Macbook, player and a lot of cables. All these often mixed, and this total destructive mess, to find necessary and without damage to extract is impossible. What can we say about the weak lightning…

If the cable from [FUSE]chicken to catch on all that pile of wires that was peacefully slumbering in a backpack, the cable is not exactly threatened by the slightest danger. And confused is this cable difficult to order — like it or not, in all senses of that Titan that Armour Charge — the task will not be easy. Well the hose from the shower to confuse you can? That’s the same!

It turns out that each of the above solutions from [FUSE]chicken is a complete and in some measure unique solution for a particular type of user. Someone- an excellent cable in the car, some road decision on all occasions, someone- titanium loop to your key chain. There is nothing in this world lasts forever, and even such a strong and tailored well downed wires able prematurely to leave our world, but the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer on its products, allows in the case of the death of your cable just send it to the creators and get a new one.

And now most interesting — how to become the owner of one of these lovely cables absolutely for free. We will need to do, as usual, almost nothing — doing a repost with a link to this review in a social network, leave a reference and your email address in googleform. The link is in the description. And then in a week we force the great randomness determine the three lucky winners, each of which will be able to choose any of the today accessories. And then suddenly you have no car — and then the cable in autovisie you don’t need. Or — why not — you already have one immortal [FUSE]chicken?

Worth mentioning that delivery to Moscow will take you guys 90 minutes, in Russian mail 1st class delivery takes 4 to 10 days by courier service for a period of 2 days. In principle, a very satisfactory option for those who decide to acquire such wiring. And all sorts of buns and bonuses like discounts if payment is made via Qiwi wallet or free shipping if you order two cables. In short, it’s great.

Whichever you choose cable, be sure that your copy of [FUSE]chicken has a long and happy life — whether it’s a short Titan Loop, solid Titan, a satellite of the traveller, Titan Travel, advanced Bobine Blackout or generic Armour Charge.

The results

So, as we promised, today using the site Random.org we announce the three lucky winners who will become owners of these wonderful accessories. And these are the names of those whom we congratulate:

Pogledni Sergey (Sergey****[email protected])

Yuri Krotov (y****[email protected])

Andronek24 (alienbr****@icloud.com)

Check your mailboxes, there soon you’ll find the letter with the instructions how to obtain the prize — Lightning cable [FUSE]chicken the model you choose. And for those who did not win, I advise you not to lose heart: soon you will have a large number of contests and gifts.

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