Retailers in response to the statement of the FAS explained why “the price of the iPhone is the same everywhere”

Prices on iPhone in salons retailers depend on a number of factors, including the competitive situation in the market and economic feasibility. This was stated by the representatives of the largest cellular retailers in Russia in response to the statement of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) about the planned against them on the grounds of price collusion.

Retailers in response to the statement of the FAS explained why "the price of the iPhone is the same everywhere"

Earlier Friday, Deputy head of the FAS Andrey tsarikovskiy told reporters that the Ministry will soon bring a case against the biggest retailers on suspicion of collusion in the pricing of iPhone in Russia. However, he noted that the FAS suspect Apple’s coordinating role in setting prices.

“The case is at the stage of initiation… we are very close. Again, we don’t like this situation, a few years ago already had a similar case, but here, in the first place, we see a coordinating role, unfortunately, the distinguished “Apple”. Where would you go if you want to buy an iPhone, the prices are the same everywhere. We believe this is wrong,” he explained. Apple declined to comment.

In “Euroset” noted that market prices are calculated based on the competitive environment, and each seller decides how much should it cost iPhone in his shop. Also, the price level depends on economic efficiency.

“If prices are similar, it only means that the sellers real-time tracking of price from each other. This is called a healthy market environment. And below a certain price level is no longer possible to drop, there’s always a threshold of efficiency below which sales are at a loss,” said PR-Director of “Euroset” Ulyana Smolski.

Retailers in response to the statement of the FAS explained why "the price of the iPhone is the same everywhere"

According to her, all sellers have equal purchase price from the manufacturer, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the maximum reduction in the struggle for the buyer equals the price at all.

According to the representative of Svyaznoy, the value of all of the assortment of the retailer depends on a number of factors: the purchase price and the estimated margin on a particular product. “From the receipt of the income depends on how the retailer can maintain its operating activity. Given the purchase price and its expenses, the retailer determines in which interval can be set the final price for the retail product, as well as the projected profit on a particular product,” said Sergey Tikhonov.

“At the same time, defining the retail price finally for each city and region, the company takes into account a lot of factors, primarily the market situation”, — said Tikhonov. He noted that “the Messenger” was sent to the FAS full information about prices on the iPhone, which was requested by the Department.

“The messenger” and “Euroset” periodically receive queries from FAS for the formation of retail prices for different models of gadgets, and always provide the necessary information, said the representatives of the companies.

Note that in 2012, FAS found mobile operators MTS and “Beeline” guilty of price collusion in the sale of iPhone in Russia and fined them $ 16 and 18 million, respectively.

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