Review iPhone 6 Plus: when the iPhone 6 does not seem so bolshim comment

Last Friday, our editors with the long-awaited visit to two new smartphones from Apple — iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After a long acquaintance and at least long testing we published a review of the iPhone 6, and today it is the turn of his “older brother” with 16 GB of internal memory on Board. So there you go.

Let’s start with a brief acquaintance with the technical specifications of iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Operating system: iOS 8
  • The type of SIM card: nano SIM
  • Weight: 172 g
  • Size: 77.8×158.1×7.1 mm
  • Screen: color IPS, touch
  • Screen size diagonal: 5.5 inch
  • Image size: 1920×1080
  • The number of pixels per inch (PPI): 401
  • The camera: 8 million pixels., the built-in flash, optical stabilization
  • Front camera: 1.2 million pixels.
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, NFC
  • Processor: Apple A8 coprocessor M8
  • The amount of internal memory: 16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB

iPhone 6 Plus has become the biggest iPhone in the history of existence line of smartphones from Apple. Something happened that was so afraid of loyal fans of Apple Corporation in Cupertino yet ripe for the release of the so-called “shovels” (which is the title received a majority of five, six, seven and even eight-inch smartphones on Android). Did Apple move away from all these stereotypes, we are with you now and find out.

Because of its impressive size, the device was 60 grams heavier than the iPhone 5s, however, due to the incredibly thin casing (only 7.1 mm against 7.6 mm for the previous iPhone) the weight is almost not felt. First, the iPhone 6 Plus feels in hand is not very comfortable — he grows on you, the addiction is already in a few days.

In his hand iPhone 6 Plus is noticeably worse than the iPhone 6 — it is not surprising, because the gadget by 10 millimeters wider and 20 millimeters long. Seems to hold simultaneously two iPhone 5s that are bonded together. But even with this iPhone 6 Plus is felt not as big as some Android phones with the same screen size. Call it “magic Apple” or anything, but it’s true.

Creating iPhone 6 Plus, Apple realized that it needed a number of advantages in comparison with competitors, because the latter has managed to carve a niche smartphones with large screens. Although filling the smartphone (about which we will say later) inferior to modern flagships from Samsung or HTC, speed and smoothness of its operation raises no objections.

But let’s not talk in vain — let’s see what Apple has decided to surprise us this time.

What’s in the box?

Box iPhone 6 Plus almost exactly the same as the iPhone 6 — the same white box with the inscription iPhone on the sides, a small information about the device on the back surface and a relief image of the smartphone on the front side. To learn more about what is in front of us it is the version “plus” is only the size of the box which is significantly more than the iPhone 6 (or on the sticker on the back).

Inside we are welcomed by the iPhone 6 Plus, until you can gently pull out and set aside, pulling the tongue, white envelope with instructions, two traditional “apples” and the clip for opening the SIM tray, earphone EarPods (no, not Beats), Lightning cable with double-sided USB and charger, already adapted for the Russian outlets.

Since a complete set of the box until Apple to surprise can not be acquainted with himself “giant” closer.


iPhone 6 Plus is made of glass and anodised aluminium material, which makes the smartphone cannot be left alone for a minute, even in spite of its impressive size. He’s incredibly pleasant to the touch, but the white stripes on the back of the smartphone did not spoil the device.

On the left side of the iPhone 6 Plus are buttons for switching volume and vertical rocker to mute the sound, and on the right side is the SIM tray and the lock screen button and turn the smartphone off. With such screens it is not surprising that it is now located on the side.

Rear panel, as I have said, done neatly (except overly sensitive to fingerprints “bullseye”). Some may not arrange an 8-megapixel protruding camera with optical stabilization, but acts like she is just one millimeter from the body. It is bearable, especially because a few days later she did not bother.

The bottom face is completely identical panel in the iPhone 6 — cable connector Lightning and lattice dynamics.


iPhone 6 Plus became the first representative of the line iPhone, which got a full screen with Full HD resolution (1920×1080), although Apple has named its Retina HD. “Blame” is the 5.5-inch display — in combination with this permission it gives an excellent picture.

Colors are vivid, text is incredibly clear — all that we have heard in the review of the iPhone 6. But I would like to mention color iPhone 6 Plus. None of the currently existing smartphones Apple can boast such an excellent display. Yeah, he’s really cool.

The screen contrast is 1300:1, and the number of pixels per inch (ppi) reached a record for iPhone 401 pieces. Also it is equipped with dual-domain pixels for wider viewing angles. And oleophobic coating front panel is resistant to the appearance of fingerprints.


New 8 megapixel camera iPhone 6 Plus was noticeably better than iPhone 5s, acquired technology support Focus Pixels and optical image stabilization. The last is not even in the iPhone 6.

Pleased with the availability of HD video recording at 1080p at 30 or 60 fps and shooting slow motion video slow-mo c frequency of 120 or 240 fps Improved face detection does its job perfectly well even at a great distance.

And, of course, one cannot ignore the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The iPhone 6 Plus it began to work noticeably better, and use it to log in to third-party apps on iOS 8 and do fun.

Iron and tests

“Board” iPhone 6 Plus new A8 processor with 64-bit architecture, coprocessor movement M8, 1 GB of RAM, chip NFC (so far only used for payments in the payment system Apple Pay), improved chip LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac.

Of wireless standards is worth noting Bluetooth 4.0, LTE with extended support of frequencies and GLONASS support.

In performance tests conducted using the utility Geekbench 3, iPhone 6 Plus gave almost the same result as the iPhone 6. Not surprising, because both models feature the same A8 processor with a frequency of 1.38 GHz.

Unfortunately, to test using AnTuTu Benchmark utility on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 did not work — the app just flew by 50 % complete.

Special attention is given the control mode device “one hand”: double-touching the Home button, the screen will slightly slide down, and you will be able to reach the top icons.

The games and apps on the iPhone 6 Plus admirable. Metal, increasing the quality of the graphics, makes the device truly unforgettable.

The smartphone is equipped with a battery capacity of almost 3 thousands mAh, which is almost twice more than the iPhone 5s. With such a battery you are guaranteed a full day of active use of the device in freedom from “slavery” outlet.


At any smartphone, whether iPhone or Galaxy Edge, has its drawbacks. iPhone 6 Plus is very sensitive to drops. Due to flow smoothly into the side faces of the last display is extremely sensitive to any fall. Hence, chipped, cracked glass — sapphire coating yet or not.

About 1 GB of RAM I mentioned in the review of the iPhone 6, but not too lazy to mention it now. This smartphone like the iPhone 6 Plus is clearly not enough such quantity of RAM, although you hardly notice it during use.

As much as I praised this smartphone, it is still great. It is inconvenient to carry in a pocket (it just sticks out), uncomfortable to hold in your hand unless you have long fingers. And ear it looks rather big.

Editorial opinion

iPhone 6 Plus is really a good smartphone, but not for everyone. Hardly a wide range of customers will appreciate such a large screen size of a smartphone, which seriously increased its size. But if you suddenly were looking for a replacement for his iPad mini or dreamed about a hybrid smartphone and tablet from Apple — you got it.

On the iPhone 6 Plus very cool to play, watch movies and series, chat online, but personally I have enough of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. iPhone 6 Plus is surely a smartphone, you should get used to. And the results of this addiction you are unlikely to disappoint.

We thank the online store for courtesy to review iPhone 6 Plus. To purchase a smartphone you can on the official website of the store.

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