Review of the iPhone XS Max Gold — what’s new and what impressions

After the start of sales of the new iPhone we couldn’t resist to take many early XS Max and share experiences from the first day of use. Friends from the store as always quickly brought the device in Russia and gave us top-end version in a Golden case with a 512 GB of memory on Board.

Traditionally, the first impression of the device — the number of envious looks that we caught on the streets of Moscow. While many only pretend, can afford this smartphone, we are able to evaluate new features and technologies. Want — go on and have time to get a smartphone among the first. And now we come to the point and tell you what has changed in the new generation iPhone.

— Is it worth it to change iPhone X?

The iPhone generations’s never been a lot of changes to be advised to change the device last year with the new. This time the changes were even less than before. The only situation where you need to sell last year’s phone is if the screen is “dozens” seemed too small and you want Max. Older devices (iPhone 8 and earlier models) to change worth it. User experience, screen quality, shooting, sound built-in speakers, the performance will be worth the cost of the new device.

— Are there differences in design between the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max?

If not to take into account the difference in size, the difference is only one: the location of elements on the bottom face of the housing. The iPhone XS symmetrically cut 12 holes for speaker and microphone on either side of the Lightning connector, and XS Max 7 units to the right and to the left of 3 and close to them in the steel frame there is an additional insert for the signal of wireless connections.

— What about ergonomics?

Size and weight iPhone XS Max is almost identical to the iPhone 8 Plus, so owners of older models of past years you do not have to get used to something totally new. In hand and smartphone in your pocket there is no change, but with him there are differences. Due to the new size of the screen and increase height is now no chance to perform the actions at the top of the display without the help of second hand. If earlier, owners of big hands could get the hand to open the notification center or click the far icon, now it will not work to do.

Golden color iPhone case XS Max is the same as the iPhone 8 Plus?

No. Apple has never adhered to in order to use the same colors for their products. Space gray in different devices often looks different, and now it becomes true for Golden. A year ago the tint was with a gradient of pink, now in caramel. Color iPhone XS Max is noticeably darker, and the glass back panel was thicker (less transparent) — now halo fastening metal insert with the logo almost transparent.

— Changed the picture quality on the iPhone screen XS Max compared to the iPhone X?

A direct comparison of the two devices disabled settings colour temperature True Tone leads to the conclusion that the iPhone XS Max colors slightly more warm colors. However, the difference can be noticed only on some images. In General, the display of the iPhone XS Max one of the best on the market in image quality, brightness, contrast and detail due to high resolution. You can not worry: for iPhone XS Max it looks very cool.

— Is there a noticeable difference in sound volume and quality of the main speakers?

The dynamics of the new generation iPhone significantly louder and sound better than the models of yesteryear. The difference is so significant that it is possible even not to carry out direct comparisons: include any track — and immediately hear the change.

— Face ID is faster?

Unlock speed increased, but it can be seen only by meticulous comparison with iPhone X. In principle, face detection worked fairly quickly in the model last year, so the acceleration of this process can be called a pleasant trifle, but not a breaking change.

— Are there any chips or settings iOS 12, which are not available for other devices?

We were able to notice on short acquaintance with a smartphone only new shooting possibilities. For the front camera is a software simulation of different aperture values for the main – new Smart mode HDR. In addition, there are new ways of shooting video: you can now activate record sound in stereo or to automatically lower the frame rate to 24 per second when recording in dark lighting conditions. This option becomes available only when you select a quality shooting at 30 frames per second.

— As more content is displayed on the screen of the iPhone XS Max compared to the iPhone XS?

The difference really is, but to objectively evaluate the benefits of a larger screen difficult. One wants to obtain the maximum possible diagonal for games and movies, others do not want to lose in the ergonomics and to spend on a smartphone more money. See the difference on examples our site in Safari or an open book in Books and decide for yourself whether to take the iPhone XS Max.

— Judging by the performance, the front camera has not changed. Is this true?

Physically, the module frontally remains the same, but the imagery is different. Honestly, the changes we didn’t like. Now Apple uses a combination of algorithms and a dedicated Image Signal Processor and the Neural Engine, causing the shots became more software processing. In a good light selfies look like before, but in difficult conditions the algorithms work with weird skin. Face like a plastic mask. This is partly reminiscent of the beautification in the Chinese smartphone when smoother skin and change its hue. The difference is that if Android is turned on and off in the settings, the iPhone simply puts you before the fact and is doing everything on the machine. Perhaps if there are any complaints on the self, in future firmware Apple to the correct functioning of the algorithms.

What about changing the aperture in portrait mode?

The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max when shooting portraits on the main or front camera, users can programmatically change the strength of the background blur. Apple has decided to make the binding strength of the effect to clear the photographers aperture values. The default is f/4.5, and the finished picture you can select values from f/1.4 to f/16. All changes happen only with the help of algorithms, so the change of the optical characteristics when shooting it has little in common. For example, with increasing strength of the background blur is worse the separation boundaries of the subject and begin to “eat up” the edges. However, for all their faults, portrait mode, implemented by Apple, is considered one of the top quality in smartphones. By the way, the only producer who managed to make the variable aperture with the real switch is Samsung, however, only between two values. This technology is in its infancy and has not had significant effects on the quality of the recording.

— Let’s dig in: how the camera takes?

iPhone XS Max got the new sensors in a dual camera with larger pixels, the result of which was capable of capturing more light when shooting. In ideal conditions, to compare pictures does not make sense, because even smartphones for 20-30 thousand rubles now adequately handle. Another thing is shooting in twilight and at night. Thanks to the new physical components of the camera and improved signal processing algorithms with matrix iPhone Max XS do much better photographs. And besides, optics became a bit more wide angle. Below show a quick comparison of the quality of shooting iPhone X and iPhone XS Max in the “got shot”, which significantly changes the viewing angle and the quality of the shot. So here are a few examples from the camera of the new smartphone.


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