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Modern wireless speaker system not long ago surprised by the sound quality. Some are not the most expensive model, can easily “pump” a small apartment. But these speakers, though they are called portable, weighing a good pound. That is why today we decided to tell you about a small, truly mobile and, most importantly, great sounding speaker system Monster Hotshot.

The package

Included with the column, the buyer receives a small USB cable-microUSB and a metal carabiner for attaching the speakers to the clothing or perhaps the backpack. The gadget is very compact and lightweight, weighs only 123 grams, so carry it with you easy. Special carbine has no sharp edges and partially rubberized, so the integrity of clothing you should not worry.

Speaker enclosure plastic. With the exception of two rubber elements that are in contact with the surface and to absorb vibrations at high volume. To build quality no complaints. How not tried, but the squeaks and backlash is not found. But the smell of the plastic housing, especially immediately after unpacking, was not pleased. Let’s hope for a couple of walks, he will finally erode.

To us for review were column black, but for purchase also available in two more colors identical to black, but with a face of gold, and all white.


On the face of the column is a plastic insert in the form of mesh, which is framed by a glossy ring. If you do not take into account hiding under the mesh inside the case speaker, all the elements on the front side are exclusively decorative function.

If you look good, then on the top of the column you can see a microphone hole, through which the gadget can be used as a headset. Upstairs there is also a rubber “eye” for attaching the included carabiner.

On the back is a circle of soft rubber, which will not allow the vibrations to shift the column from the table or benches in the Park.

All controls and connectors are located at the bottom. Here you will find the lever to turn on and off switch, microUSB port, AUX-in and the active area of the built-in NFC chip.

Note that adjusting the volume of sound is possible only on the source device, whether a smartphone, laptop, player or other device with Bluetooth.


Compact and lightweight speaker system surprisingly sounds very much and very adequately, that was not once tested in various cases. The column turned out to be a wonderful companion in the room during General cleaning of the apartment and on the street, accompanied by the sound of the workout-workout.

Stock volume is enough. At least thoughts to crank the volume to max in the apartment did not arise. Acoustics good fulfills low and mid-range frequencies, but the high is not as distinct. However, fundamentally this does not affect the overall intensity and juiciness.

The lack or poor elaboration of high frequencies is a common problem among wireless speakers budget and middle price segment. In the pursuit of richness of sound manufacturers are paying much more attention to the “lower classes”. This is easily explained by the fact that Bluetooth speakers are in those cases and situations when the audience has no business to treble: for a country picnic in the company of loud friends, and so on. So consider this a minus at least logical.

In the street a sense of dimension and power of sound is expected to have dissipated, but the situation was saved by the above mentioned stock volume. Increasing it to the maximum, managed to enjoy the hits of Chevelle and Three Days Grace. The absence of the slightest distortion and wheezing in the dynamics is a big plus, given the modest size of the Monster Hotshot.


The stated price Monster Superstar Hotshot on the official website ā€“ 3990 rubles, which is quite reasonable for a gadget of this quality. By the above advantages add a built-in battery capacity 500 mAh that provides up to 8 hours of continuous music listening. The reality is somewhat less, but the result is in any case pleased.

Folding all the advantages together, we get a really good solution for those who value portability, ease of transport and rich sound. The quality of the wireless connection comment does not make sense ā€“ the connection is never rushed and didn’t “shut up”, even when the smartphone and speakers were in different rooms.

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