Rights holders will strengthen the fight against piracy in Russia

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov urged the participants of the content market self-regulation to better protect against piracy. Rights holders also believe that Russia should toughen the fight against piracy.

They discussed this at the panel session “development of the market for legal consumption of audio and video content,” at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF). Holders discussed the need to introduce standards for Internet broadcasting, change the system of measurement and marking professional content.

“We want self-regulation mechanisms work more actively and to combat piracy have completely switched to self-regulation,” ā€” said Alexander Zharov.

Roskomnadzor over the last two years, defended the Internet 300 of the copyrights of foreign rights holders and 1,800 Russian, told the Agency. Zharov noted that under perpetual lock at the moment are 228 sites that violate anti-piracy laws.

CEO of National Media Group Olga paskina noted that it is necessary to strengthen the fight against piracy in Russia together with the Roskomnadzor. “As noted by my colleagues today, the development of this market will contribute not only regulatorika, but, of course, the creation of a self-regulating system, the creation of an ecosystem,” said pascin.

According to her, today the professional rights holders really unite and discuss a number of trends, trends that work together to increase the effectiveness of the monetization of this market.

Olga paskina has listed a number of changes proposed by the market. In particular, we are talking about the creation of a common infrastructure and standards of Internet broadcasting. She stressed the interest of the market participants primarily to an increase in monetization, which also suffers from piracy.

“The development of paid monetization models limits the piracy and the fragmentation of the market,” she said.

By the end of 2016, the volume of the Russian market of legal video services amounted to 11,18 billion rubles. Its growth compared to the previous year was 32%. According to Alexander Zharov, at such services, more than 60% are advertising revenues, but the revenues from subscriptions are growing ā€” they grew from 3.8 to 11.2% in gross income.

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