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Whoever and scolded 2016, for mobile players it was good from a couple of the coolest ports (we have not moved away from the Bully, aren’t you?) several high-profile hits including Super Mario and Run, how would you to her or treated. Seems better already and could not be – however we used to close the annual accounts: at the very end of the iOS (and Android) jumped reprint of two absolutely great games – the first parts RollerCoaster Tycoon. Even if you know nothing about the series, do not rush to close the page – you may miss the best tycoon of his life.

Mobile players with experience certainly remember the name – but, alas, quite different projects. The third part of the RollerCoaster Tycoon visited iOS, and even was moderately well received, but the project was never considered an outstanding ten years ago it was rightly blamed for a lot of stocks. Earlier in mobile has a special “pocket” version of RollerCoaster Tycoon, but in talking about it too – there was just ottoptali on the great name.

Finally, about the horror you can forget: the first two parts, a large smartphone or aypeda – and the weekend will definitely succeed. It is nice that iOS has removed not only the famous Duo, but a couple of additions to the sequel. Cost additional money, however, is quite small. More money is specific option to move the saved scenarios and maps from a computer to a mobile device – and that’s it. The rest – a full game, just the same as they were 15 years ago. Touch the weather does not spoil, on the contrary, even in something easier. Yes, a small little thing – no Russian language. Since both parts are substantially similar to each other, can perceive the text as a review of one of the project: the sequel – the continuation of the ideas of the original, but not a reimagining; the difference between the games is minimal.

Your task is to build an amusement Park: the one where the kids, cotton candy, games and fun music. Each scenario – a total of more than 90 – puts your tasks: somewhere you just have to hold out a couple of years, somewhere to raise their ratings, to increase the capitalization. Sleeves rolled up, you build a track, put around the stalls with burgers and coke, and a little distance. Hiring security guards (small bullies like to break the bench), entertainment staff and cleaners. And then, of course, the rides – they are divided into many varieties, but in fact there are two types: roller coasters and everything else. With the “rest” is very simple: it is sufficient to plug in somewhere, say, a haunted house, to appoint a sane price. Salt of the game is to put rollercoster. And not just to supply and build myself.

In General, this is a separate simulation game of building a roller coaster. It all depends on your imagination: kids can build fun for a couple of turns, and can… Uh, everything. Crazy building with the army of the dead loops, which partially lies underground, partially above water and partially – somewhere in the stratosphere? With a bunch of cool drifts into a hellish speed? With the infernal ascents and descents? No problem at all – just don’t forget that you have children, not the death squads, and they will probably sit in the adjacent “train” – while you’re tearing her hair in despair.

Except the rides you have plenty of troubles: need to assign all price, to manage Department of engineers developing a new roller coaster to care about the aesthetics (affect rating), and make sure that none… sorry, no guest left the Park with the bad thoughts – but it is not so easy. And it’s not talking about staff of cleaners hired to five metres, which runs at the exit of the roller coaster…

But I loved RollerCoaster Tycoon, in fact, not for that – then there was a lot of economic strategies to get into the jungle. The game was given – without knowing it – an incredible space for creativity and experimentation. To build a slide which ends in the air, each time almost sending the kids to a nearby lake? Please – only then do not complain about attendance when the country will spread the rumors about the attraction-killer. To steal the Ferris wheel at the edge of the Park, advertise it everywhere, and then watch with interest as the crowd of visitors trying to find a ride, along the way buying cards? The simplest thing you can do.

Track thoughts of a “Visitor 27459” and, ahem, throw him in the desert for seditious statements? Yes, though it is cruel, and, in General, wrong!

After years of RollerCoaster Tycoon, of course, has deteriorated in appearance, but the game got such a cute retro looks so well kept and beautiful “Moskvich” 70-ies. The sleek pixel, funny men, a lot of sprite graphics – there are almost no 3D elements, so the strategy was old and noble (which is not to say the third part). So don’t be afraid to give 450 rubles, and to detect a piece of unplayable old code RollerCoaster Tycoon and is now able to pull you out of life for a few weeks.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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