Roskomnadzor boasted success lock Telegram

At the St. Petersburg international economic forum the head of Roskomnadzor told about how is the process of blocking Telegram, writes “Interfax”. The Agency has made progress, he said.

According to Roskomnadzor, the number of advertisers in the Telegram has decreased by 25%. About the same decrease in the number of messenger users. A decrease in the activity Zharov explained by the malfunction of a Telegram. According to him, every day 15-40% of messenger users are faced with disruptions.

“I believe that in the coming months, we will achieve greater effect [lock — approx. MacDigger]. Currently, the outflow of the ad from the Telegram-channels is about 25%, churn, too, is in the range of about 25%. This is due to the fact that Telegram is getting uncomfortable to work”, — said Zharov.

The head of Roskomnadzor also boasted the successful talks with Microsoft and Google. But with Amazon the Agency fails to establish a dialogue.

“Microsoft stopped providing Telegram company the opportunity to use your service configuration file Microsoft Download, Google informed us that currently all of the IP addresses of the Telegram paused. That is, the process is underway”, — said the head of Roskomnadzor.

Zharov commented on the blocking of millions of IP addresses, Google and Amazon that allow you to run Telegram on the territory of Russia. In the registry of banned sites is about 11 million IP addresses.

“There is such a thing as a HYIP. In the public field sound such estimates that millions lP and millions of honest services came under the lock. But I want to say that if in the first stage, when we were putting the subnet on the lock in the unified register of prohibited information was kept almost 20 million lР addresses. Currently, their number has decreased, there are about 11 million IP addresses are blocked”, – said the head of Department.

Telegram is blocked in Russia as of April 16. During this time, Roskomnadzor to block millions of IP addresses, some of which belong to other companies. The messenger continues to work for most users without VPN and proxy services, though with interruptions.

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