Roskomnadzor called “Beeline” operator is the worst in Moscow

Roskomnadzor has tested the call quality and mobile Internet in Moscow. On the results of testing the outsider was the “Beeline”.

“Beeline” was the leader by the share of unsuccessful attempts to establish voice connection is 15.1%. The competition this figure is much lower. At Tele2 — 1,2%, MTS — 0.8% and MegaFon — 0,7%. “Beeline” also the lowest rate of mobile Internet is 5 Mbit/s. Followed by Tele2 and 9.4 Mbps, MTS — 10,1 Mbps and “Megaphone” of 13.1 Mbps. The proportion of messages delivered in the “Beeline” is 100%, whereas the share of Tele2 undeliverable SMS reaches 1.2%, MTS — 2.4% and MegaFon — 1.7 percent.

Representatives of “Beeline” said that the results of the testing made a mistake. In their view, indicators of “Beeline” about the same as other companies.

Testing was conducted from 3 April to 21 July 2017. Measurements were made on predetermined routes and measuring complex on the roads of Moscow and Moscow region. The routes cover the main roads, streets citywide and local significance.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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