Roskomnadzor has asked for free premium access Xhamster for unlocking

The official representative of Roscomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy reminded PornHub representative in Russia Dmitry Kolodin of the promise of free premium subscription service for the Agency in exchange for the unblocking of the site . The announcement came during a speech of an official at the XII Saint-Petersburg Internet conference (SPIK).

Ampelonskiy jokingly demanded from the administration’s top porn site premium account, which was promised for the lifting of the blocking of the site in Russia.

“The representative of Roskomnadzor in “Vkontakte” from the stage Spica asked Kolodin, representative Pornhab in “Vkontakte” promised them a premium account on PornHub. In exchange they promised to check the unlock all operators of the Internet in Russia,” said participant Felix Zinatullin.

In the comments immediately began to joke about the members of the state Department: “As the saying goes: one good turn deserves another”, “Just can’t sit idly by,” “Vadim will receive a premium when he wakes up an office in Canada.”

Russian Dmitry Kolodin is SMM Manager PornHub official page in social network “Vkontakte”, and the Central office of pornoresursy is located in Montreal, Canada.

PornHub was banned in Russia in September 2015 with the decision of the Krylovsky district court of Krasnodar territory. The judge concluded that the site has “prohibited by the law of pornographic materials.” In carrying out this decision, Roskomnadzor in 2016 has made the company’s website in the register of banned sites.

In September last year, PornHub has offered Roskomnadzor premium access in exchange for unlocking a website in Russia. The service has launched a public relations campaign, which was open a page in a social network “Vkontakte”. In addition, all the “victims” were offered two months of free premium subscription. It was enough to use simple tools to bypass the lock.

In April 2017 PornHub was again available from Russia, however, users were obliged to specify age enter your date of birth. The content of pornoresursy has not changed, although earlier Vadim Ampelonskiy said that it can be unlocked only in case of complete change of themes videos.

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