Roskomnadzor has blocked iCloud services. How to sync data on iPhone and iPad

Many iPhone and iPad users have complained of problems in the iCloud. When you try to use the service, you receive the error about failing to connect to the site

As we wrote earlier, for CloudKit, the system automatically accesses the server to download the configuration file named web page. If iOS or OS X do not have access to the site, iCloud Drive and other services no longer work correctly.

The connection is not with the Apple server, and with the company’s servers, which are “mirrors” of the Corporation. In this case, the lock is touched on the Akamai server. It turned out that Roskomnadzor has made the domain name which is owned by Akamai, the black list in 2013. However, according to the resource, the lock for some reason, came into force only on 23 July.

How to sync your iOS device with iCloud:

Step 1: go to your device App Store and search for the app Hexatech. Install the program.

Step 2: Open the program Hexatech. This free VPN server without registration, traffic limit and connection speed.

Step 3: Press the yellow Connect button to activate the VPN connection.

Step 4: Wait until the top line displays the VPN icon.

Virtual private network allows you to access the Internet with a greater degree of privacy and to visit the sites to which access is restricted in a particular region. Running the application Hexatech, you can use all iCloud services.

When Roskomnadzor unlocks server, is still unknown. Akamai’s say that to solve the problem using the Apple without the consent of the company, they no steps to take will not. Representatives of California-based Corporation declined to comment on the situation.

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